Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thoughts about education

What does it mean to educate my children? This is a question I pondered deeply for a good solid year. I wrestled with this. I read. I prayed. I wondered. What am I really trying to accomplish with my children before they are grown and gone? It is a question not easily answered. In fact, it opened a can of worms that led me on a contemplative journey about life itself.

For most of my life, I equated education with going to school. What was unintentionally ingrained in me through my own experience was that I go to school to get good grades so I can go to I can get a good job with a great I can achieve the American dream - buy a house, drive a new car, take exciting vacations, and climb the corporate ladder so I can buy a bigger house, a newer car - and on and on. I lived most of my life with that paradigm.

But is that paradigm the right one? Is that the way God intended for me to look at life? Is that really what I am to aspire to? Does that sum up the hopes and dreams I have for my children?

Or is it an empty bag?

As I was typing this post, a song came to mind called American Dream by Casting Crowns. I didn't know if there was a video for it, but there is. I'll have to continue my thoughts on education another time...for now, I will allow myself to ponder this song as I examine my own heart, once again, in light of truth. Video at: